Single Release – Home Sweet Home

New single from The Far North

Home Sweet Home is the lead out single from  The Far North.  Taken from their new EP Songs for Healing Hearts Vol 1.

In Lee’s own words:

I wrote this song a few years ago during lockdown, I had the chorus straight away and then wrote the verses and middle eight a little while later.  I think there’s a slight romanticism in the mundane minutiae of life, especially when we live in a world of social media screaming at us to “ Travel more, have more fun, work out more, drive a nicer car, buy a bigger house, live laugh love”.

I find all that is sensationalized because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with living a normal life, sitting in the garden, enjoying a book and a cup of tea, or a walk somewhere local with a friend.

Everybody wants to be famous now, and I’m all for people wanting to better themselves but we shouldn’t be made to feel like failures if we are making ends meet in a biscuit factory.

Lee Wyding
June 2023

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