T.M/O signs with Jade Lantern

Classic Psych Rock with an India Alt feel.

T is truly a one of a kind multi disciplinary artist. She has awkward elbows and leans into the less linear of learning curves. Self taught, self doubting, self driven, and and self saving, T’s work is beyond unapologetic and has been stripping pain from its power through awkward conversations and a refusal to take for granted the hypocrisies we sit with so comfortably. Holding up a mirror to ourselves, T is in love with words and knows for certain they have been the tool to process the hardest times, including the sudden loss of her mother, and her place as a woman in the society we call home.

She uses a mix of mediums, including acrylic paint, chalks, pens, drips and scratches, creating intuitively and as a reaction to the inescapable surroundings we call home. Inspired heavily by the political climate and how we fit into that, spiritually – her art is chaos and calm.

She wants to create jarring moments of disarmament and remind us all that we lean on each other much closer than we first thought.

Currently working on Finding T.M/O – a project dedicated to chasing the authentic self, if it ever stops running – collaborating with artists from Manchester and London.

She was also featured in Subo Art Magazine, as well designing artwork for some of the UK’s most exciting new musical talent including Major Ruse, Zoka the Author, j2oh, Surya Sen, and Marcus Joseph.

EP due 2024.

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