Songs for Healing Hearts CD

The second release from The Far North. This is part one of a two volume release scheduled for 2023.


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The follow up release from The Far North to the acclaimed debut Songs for Gentle Souls.

Songs for Healing Hearts Vol 1, is the Second release from The Far North following 2020 debut album Songs for Gentle Souls.

In Lee’s own words:

I wanted to continue the thread of writing directly like on SFGS and these are aimed at anyone who has obviously felt love, loss, hope and despair

The songs aren’t about anyone specifically per se but the feeling we all have when we fall in love, when we get our hearts broken, when we miss someone when we feel amazing we’re full of hope.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is the songs are for everyone!

The one exception on the EP is the song unplayed guitar which I wrote in tribute to my friend John who passed away in 2009, The song basically states that his life meant a lot to me and you know I’ll never forget you, and your friends won’t either.

The second EP Songs for Healing Hearts vol two will hopefully be released in the winter and it will continue this vein of songwriting. There are a lot of songwriters that I admire and a lot of them like to tell stories and I’ve always tried to be that kind of songwriter. It doesn’t come easy to me so I only write about what I know and I know an incredible amount about heartbreak, sadness and loss.

But that’s not to say this is a sad record, because the underlying thread that holds all my songs together is the fact that there’s always hope, even if it’s a smile on the tube or it’s a happy text from someone that you like there’s always hope.

Lee Wyding
June 2023

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