Songs for Gentle Souls – Digital Download

The digital download of “Songs for Gentle Souls”.


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The digital download of “Songs for Gentle Souls”.  Includes the singles “This House is Ours”, “Branches” and “Runaway”.

NOTE:  For the avoidance of any potential confusion or doubt, this is a digital download of the MP3 files only.  It dos not include any physical purchase, CD, Vinyl or merchandise.

The debut release from The Far North.  Songs for Gentle Souls reflects a more introspective side to singer songwriter Lee Wylding.  Having formed and fronted UK Americana band The Fireflys for over a decade, Lee was looking for an outlet for his more laid back side.

The album was compiled to be listened to as a single piece of work, taking the listener through an aural journey of the highs and lows of life.  4 of the songs on this album received nominations for UK songwriter awards, with 2 reaching the final.

Files come in a single zip file, which also includes front and rear artwork and the 8 pages for the booklet that came with the Gold Edition.

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